This path breaking innovation is in line with the above approach, this innovation has unlimited application across sectors like blue-chip to the consumers for the very reason that they involve millions of dollars worth of assets. Smart management of assets and tracking, which the system promotes, automatically translates to optimum utilization of resources; reduce cost of operation and care of the environment, national and global development, and scope of employment generation.

AGT’s A smarter planet is built on intelligent, instrumented, and well-managed business and IT assets that enable rather than constrain innovation, transformation, and differentiation.

Manage business and IT assets together as services.
Transform emerging smart assets these assets into business value.
Prevent asset-related health, safety, and business risk.
Harness and manage.

Convergence through Consolidation
ERP like consolidation of applications for asset management.
Fosters effective management of IT-enabled assets.
Improves communication lines, streamlines workflow and optimizes labor across asset classes.
Reduces management and maintenance cost of multiple, disconnected systems.
Increases IT and operational efficiency.

System Features
SAM (Software Asset Management).
HAM (Hardware Asset Management).
Procurement .
Inventory .
Network Management.
SNMP Discovery.
Link Management.
Asset full lifecycle management.