Innovation in wireless technology, wireless communication, digital processing technology and software is driving the embedded technology business at a very fast pase. The application of electronics in medical diagonist and patient management, automotive industry and automotive have increased drastically. The potential global embedded system market is projected to be 214 billion by 2020 and the major contribution will come from end use industry like automotive, healthcare coupled with emergence of internet of things.

AGT wishes to setup an incubation centre for the development of embedded systems in verticals like automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics and military and aerospace focusing on the convergence of data and its traversal. AGT plans to explore commercially their expertise in embedded system for the production of eco system of medical devices from monitoring health conditions at one end of the spectrum to treating diseases at the other end with accurate results. We will be wholistically coming up with solutions around clinical care, patient monitoring, early intervention and prevention. In the automotive, we completely work towards engine control, adaptive cruise control and the DAS – PAS segment of automonbile embedded systems which include the latest like parking assist and suspension assist systems.