AGT Smart Grid Management System software integrate electrical and information infrastructure with the incorporation of intelligence (Automation) and information technologies for any existing electrical network, making the entire infrastructure “Smart” (intelligent). The smart grid solution provided by AGT is a comprehensive solution that:

  • • Improve the utility power reliability, operational performance and overall productivity
  • • Deliver increase in energy efficiency
  • • Empower consumer to manage their energy usage and save money
  • • Optimize renewable energy integration


AGT Smart Grid Solution relay on a framework “AGT SMART ENERGY” and creates a significant difference.

The important systems as elements in a substation control system are IED, Bay controller, HMI, Communication bus and Communication link to SCADA system. With this, the following are achieved protection, control, metering & operation, monitoring, analysis and diagnostic, intelligence for operation and restoration, finally into a safe and secure operation.

Old Grid Smart Grid
You call when the power goes out and has to be physically attended Utility knows that the power is out and usually restores automatically
Utility pays whatever it takes to meet peak demand Utility suppresses demand at peak which lowers their risk
Difficult to manage high, wind and solar penetration No problem with high, wind and solar penetration
Cannot manage distributed generation safely Can manage distributed generation safely
In the range of 10% - 15% T&D loss T&D loss reduce to 2%

Offering in Grid Management System

  1. 1. Grid management software
  2. 2. Grid control systems
  3. 3. Substation digitization
  4. 4. Intelligent electronics
  5. 5. Monitoring and diagnostic
  6. 6. Communication infrastructure
  7. 7. Smart metering
  8. 8. Smart appliances and home controls