IPTV slowly and gradually gained tremendous acceptance between the service providers. IPTV offers a cost effective methods to deliver digital content to the end users utilizing the existing broadband infrastructure. AGT, a leading provider for IPTV solution, offers a comprehensive suite of IPTV products which can operate in 2 types of infrastructure i.e. internet and closed network. AGT offers IPTV solution for ISP’s, IPTV for cable operator and IPTV solution for small media houses & broadcaster.


AGT provides the complete solution component for IPTV solution. The core components are:-

  • Content management system ---- A robust platform which manages the digital content and portal framework for rendering the content and digital distribution of content across all channels i.e. mobile, TV, PCs and streaming media devices. This enables the service provider to start IPTV services, video on demand, online radio, audio on demand etc

  • Billing and subscription ---- The system has the robust billing platform for content billing and charges, coupled with subscription engine. Any charging business requirement like pay per use, monthly rental, subscription, pay as you consume etc. can be implemented. The subscription engine ensures the right content goes to the right subscribed person.

  • Encoders ---- Often called concentrators, is a robust and scalable software and hardware based encoders which compresses the input stream into the desired format like MPEG4 / MP3 and directs the packets to the switch for streaming gateway.

  • IPTV Streaming Server ---- – The server is a universal TV, Video, Audio and content streaming server which delivers the content to the devices either using TCP or UDP streaming.

  • Ad Server ---- This is a unique solution to monetize the existing IPTV infrastructure. The system senses the ad by the broadcaster and overly the ad from the local depository and thereby providing a platform for ad based monetization

IPTV Streaming

User Experience;- The user signs up for the service with the service provider on the portal. The service provider may send a digital key or a set top box to the user. The user connects t he set top box or browses through the portal and enters the digital key. The user views the index of the content. He selects the content and slots the live streaming onto his device. To make the system highly secure, the MAC address of the system is tightly coupled with the authentication server.