ISO System

ISO 50001 Implementation

Many organizations think of energy consumption as a fixed overhead that can’t be controlled nor reduced. But energy consumption can be managed and reduced with the right approach. Organizations that make a commitment to improvement by following the principles of good management make significant energy savings, often without investment in new technology. Our Facility Assessment Services will provide guidance on how to apply good management practice in the improvement of energy consumption in accordance to the International Standard, ISO 50001

Some of the direct financial benefits of managing energy effectively are:

  • • Reduced cost of energy consumption
  • • Reduced environmental impact from the use of energy and reduced CO2 emissions
  • • Reduced exposure to rising energy pricesy
  • • Increased availability of utility services. For example, if the consumption of compressed air in a factory is reduced, there will be more compressed air available for productive use elsewhere
  • • Increased production reliability and production output/yields, and
  • • Improved equipment performance
  • • The general engagement methodology for facilities assessment is tailored to prepare the organization for instrumented & diagnostic energy audit Consisting of the following:-
  • • Preliminary data analysis
  • • Measurement at site
  • • Data analysis
  • • Recommendations based on economic viability ¬short term, medium term & long¬ term measures
  • • Report submission, discussion of recommendation with the client & finalizing the report with the client.