Increasing acceptability and volume of Short Message Services (SMS), USSD, OBDs and Java messages presents demand on number of applications to receive / deliver messages. MMGW Gateway provides a reliable, scalable solution for connectivity using different protocols. By the use of common APIs, MMGW Gateway greatly reduces development and deployment time.
The Problem The increasing messaging traffic and applications pose major challenge to the Cellular Service Provides to manage the traffic and applications in efficient manner, also exposing SMS, USSD, IVR, OBD Center connectivity to the applications pose a major risk and management overhead.

MMGW Gateway

From the application development perspective, developing an application for sending / receiving SMS messages requires to interface using different protocols to SMS Center / Mobile devices. Also, it requires handling synchronization of incoming & outgoing message traffic volume. The Solution AGT’s Mobile Messaging Gateway (MMGw) greatly solves this problem by providing a middleware between different operator’s infrastructure and applications.

The key features of MMGW are::

  • • Concurrent Multi-Protocol Support
  • • Push & Pull Support for applications
  • • Interface APIs in different languages
  • • Text & Smart Messaging APIs
  • • Persistent and reliable message delivery
  • • Load Balancing between multiple SMSC
  • • Batch SMS delivery using FTP
  • • Multiple destination number support
  • • Billing Interface, facilitates content-based billing for Mobile Originated/Terminated messages
  • • Reduced time to host SMS services
  • • Single Interface for SMS services
  • • Easy to Deploy and Manage
  • • Efficient Resource Utilization
  • • Reduced Risk
  • • Easy migration of existing applications
  • • Detailed Billing interface for premium charging
  • • Controlled SMSC access by the Applications