Warehouse management system from AGT is targeted for productivity gains and reduction of operational cost. It is a unique software coupled with equipment sensors and trolley bays to completely automate the storing, tracking and tracing of the goods. Every company is under tremendous pressure to stay competitive. There is a limit and boundaries for manual warehouse handling and management processes. The moment we cross the boundaries, we jeopardize safety, precision and quality levels. Therefore, warehouse automation is the next logical step to keep ahead of any competition and reduce operational cost with increased productivity.

Warehouse Mangement

AGT warehouse management system is a modular solution for warehouse automation and goods distributions. The core of the system is a software with top quality equipments, sensors and components tightly coupled for efficient material flow control & warehouse control. The core concept of our software solution is to implement end to end warehouse management and assets tracking system with focus to achieve:-

  1. a. Automated storage
  2. b. Zone picking
  3. c. Compact picking
  4. d. Integrated picking
  5. e. AGV’s (Automated guided vehicle)

The solution is tightly integrated and distinguishes itself by integrating and delivering the wholistic view of raw material receiving, production, conditioning, storage and distribution. There is a competitive compulsion for the manufacturer to source from different vendors as a part or the system as a whole. The software efficiently and effectively manages those aspects and avenues of manufacturing also.

The architecture of the software is 3 tier, which has the upper most tier as inventory management and business management layer. The middle tier is AGT warehouse management software and the bottom tier is warehouse control software. This 3 tiered architecture of warehouse managment system manages the AGV e-cars, e- tow sorters, conveyors and field transport vehicle. The integration can be a wired infrastructure of copper or fiber or a radio infrastructure based on 802.11 or ZigBEE.