Energy Management System

Aiguteh Energy Management Software (AEMS) Solution and Sensors Monitor, Reports and Forecast Energy Generation Consumption and Losses across the cycle and make the organization zero day compliance with ISO 50000 Audits. Aigutech Energy management systems (AEMS) is an  automation systems comprising software, sensors and data loggers & transmitters that collect and relay energy measurement data from the field to the server thus making it available to users, an exhaustive AI analytics present the interpreted data through graphics, online monitoring tools, and energy quality analyzers, thus enabling the management of energy resources.

The platform supports and provides insight into the broad spectrum of energy and sustainability management including Photovoltaic, Microgrid, Smart Grid Energy Management, Energy Storage System, Micro-Grids, captive power generation units (HSD, Solar and Wind), boilers, HVAC systems, water, waste, telecom and carbon.

Efficiency, array yield, Reference Yield, final yield, Performance ratio, Capacity Utilization factor, Inverter efficiency etc. are hot displayed in near real time with alarm appropriation.

AEMS translates the data and insight into action, and provides our esteemed clients the information needed to reduce cost and operational efficiency, and achieve sustainability in this highly competitive business environment. This solution is based on single entity and generates a singular database for facility tracking, accounting, resource consumption, cost and variables which contributes to a highly accurate accounting. The platform is based on 3 tier architecture and capitalizes next generation technology with scalability and security for large and medium enterprise. With enhance reporting capabilities, the users are empowered to gauge consumption and cost matrices at macro level and can drill down into individual incidences or machine with the help of map based algorithm.