Substation Automation System

Aigutech Substation Automation System (ASAS) is designed to facilitate real time trending data which in turn facilitates protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation control and monitoring solution.

Different IED and hardware is used in conjunction with Aigutech Software to perform the data collection, data concentrator, protocol level translation, data presentation and logic implementation, there by automating the event based actions like trip or reclose, raise alarm

  • Data concentration
  • Protocol translation
  • Data distribution
  • Logic processing

Aigutech substation level data acquisition system picks the data and relay /transmits the data data from the time synchronized RTU’s to the control house. This functionality may be achieved by mainly three architecture.

Three such architectures will be described in terms of the flow of data in a typical substation. The three architectures described are: point to point, networked, and wireless. In the proposed substation of the future all collected data is initially processed via universal global positioning satellite (GPS) time-synchronized meter (UGPSSMs).

Aigutech complies with the following protocol suite.

  1. DNP3
  2. IEC 61850
  4. IEC 60890-5-103
  5. IEEE C37.118
  6. SEL Fast Message Protocol

Point to Point


Networked Data Collection


The UGPSSM device is similar to the IEC 61850 merging unit. The processing of each UGPSSM is to sample, digitize, and GPS time-stamp all substation data.