AGT wishes to emerge as a niche and the largest contract manufacturer for electronics boards in the verticals of energy & power, manufacturing, logistics & distribution, healthcare, telecom and embedded system. We plan to setup a state of art electronics manufacturing unit for the production of electronics boards. Backed by our strong design and development capabilities, and software development, we wish to augment our customer by offering “research and development as a service”, “ RDaaS”.

The Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector ranks high among the various segments that have contributed to creating this bulwark. The ESDM industry in India has continued to chart its journey northwards. While the industry may not have achieved the exponential growth forecast by experts, its performance in the last few years can be termed an achievement in view of the overall slowdown of the Indian economy. The ESDM industry has grown at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.9 percent between 2011 and 2015 resulting in an industry size of $94.2 billion till 2015 which is expected to reach $400 billion by 2020.

Although India’s ESDM market is growing at a robust rate, most of the demand is being met through imports. The domestic ESDM market has reached US$94.2 billion in 2015 from US$68.3 billion in 2012. However, domestic production and services in the industry far lags far behind the demand, with revenues from domestic production at US$29.8 billion in 2012 and reached US$42.4 billion in 2015. Going forward, the Government estimates the demand for electronics to increase to US$400 billion by 2020, while the production will grow to around US$100 billion by the same year. This is an alarming situation for the country, because growing at this rate, the electronics import bill is expected to far exceed the oil import costs by 2020 and result in a major balance of payments crisis. Reaching US$400 billion in market size by 2020 is the true potential of India’s ESDM industry.

We wish to emerge as a substitute for imports and design services with indigenously developing manufacturing and electronic products. Further, we will extend our semi conductor design competency and software development capabilities as a value preposition for mid size and small size companies in this space.

Our core competency and manufacturing capability will offer engineering design services in the space of medical electronics and devices, smart policing equipments and communication system, smart systems for the energy and power sectors.

With the in-house manufacturing capabilities, we would offer the following services to our customer as our contract manufacturing facility. We would offer the following services as a service:-

  1. • New product incubation and design
  2. • Product Prototyping
  3. • Circuit assembly
  4. • Lean manufacturing
  5. • Test development
  6. • Release management

However, we plan to get into the below space with our own design and product conceptualization to be marketed by brands already established in the space. Our core manufacturing yield will suffice the needs of :-

  1. • Medical Electronics
  2. • Smart Policing communication equipment manufacturing
    1. a. systems for open Multi model antenna band 5GHZ / 26.4 GHZ manufacturing
    2. b. Handheld devices for police man manufacturing
    3. c. Embedded software for voice and data communication manufacturing
    4. d. Video encoders cards manufacturing
    5. e. Electronic bill generation
  • • Smart Metering manufacturing
  1. a. Electric meter manufacturing
  2. b. Data Concentrator manufacturing
  3. c. Power Line Communication Modem manufacturing
  4. d. XbeeWifi Model, Xbee 5 Ghz Long Range Router manufacturing
  5. e. PWM based Inverter board manufacturing for Air Conditioners


Aigutech completely understands the global demand for military electro optics and infrared sensors. With AGT capability to invoke lasers is going to help AGT exponentially grow in surveillance, warfare and targeting system. There are 2 primary factors driving this growth.

  1. a. Demand for battlespace awareness by defence forces
  2. b. Technological advancement to improve efficiency

Border surveillance and situational awareness is the growing interest of all the countries. Border could be a terrain, sea, air or a localized spot. The further enrichment of knowhow of electro optics, infrared sensors and lasers can help AGT to develope and commercially exploit electronics for the advance warning systems, missile intrusion protection system, precision targeting, unmanned systems etc. AGT wishes to drive their capabilities in this direction.

We have indigenously been able to develop and test a pilot system for border surveillance. AGT indigenously developed image processing system with image enhancement feature to derive actual images received from sources like IR camera, Thermal camera, PTZ systems, Openframe camera etc.

Our indigenously developed optical processing board has features like video stabilization, filtering, noise reduction, atmospheric interference reduction, video compression etc. AGT core strength is video processing and video repurposing for airborne system, maritime systems, land system, unmanned systems. Our optical processing board will helps us to indigenously develope target pointer, range finders etc, AGT products will be of very high precision & performance and fulfills the SWaP requirement of warfare systems.

We have successfully tested the border surveillance system and wish to explore the manufacturing of the same. Our surveillance system is all weather all terrain system with stablized performance with the help of indigenously developed video correction and enhancement filters, AGT indigenously designed softwares give direct cost benefits which is close to 40%, our indigenously designed electronics and ability to port and relay the video in real time to the control and command center is really going to be the game changer.