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Software & Product Development as Services.

There is tremendous pressure for companies to evolve products with distinctive edge over competition, time to market and negligible human intervention is again key to success in product space. Companies and enterprises in the space need Technology partners who can architect and build product with distinctive features, which are superior and innovative. Be it New product development or extending product development and feature enhancement services; Companies need technology partners with domain expertise and backed by efficient processes to deliver which is measurable.

Aigutech with there experienced team helps its customers with emerging trends, undertand emerging market dynamics and needs and identifying technology which is widely adoptive , this makes strong foundation one of the best software product development teams, Aigutech has proven processes and methodologies with robust frameworks and plugins, we help organizations to capitalize on our proven systems to build an scalable and fool proof system and speed up the product life cycle, Our strength is the adopting to the dynamic business needs and deliver and deliver with optimized quality and time.

Value for Clients 

Research and development as a Service

Aigutech drives software and Product development on behalf of a customer. Aigutech offers services  that includes complete or partial product ownership and related responsibilities like technology identification, architecting, development, Testing including release planning, roadmap and vision and possibly even gotomarket strategies.

Setting up or scaling an in-house software engineering operation can be costly and time-consuming, especially when it’s not a core part of any business. The challenge becomes even harder when you try to keep up with new development techniques, environments, platforms and technology.

 Aigutech have the talent, processes, Systems and delivery model to make your software research and development world class. You benefit from our streamlined operations, technological know-how, to get Software R&D as a Service that is scaled and configured to your needs.

Innovation is the strength of Aigutech, Research and development as a service is for clients who need to strengthen their software engineering and Product development capabilities. Our Clients can rely on Aigutech and derive benefit from the services of a trusted engineering partner in Research and development (R&D). Our Services are typically targeted to:

  • Software product companies
  • Larger organizations with a considerable in-house production of enterprise applications which takes on the characteristics of a product that has to be maintained.
  • Companies who have idea and want an efficient exuter.

Value for clients

This service enables clients to:

  • Flexible need cum skill based team size, Scale up (or down) production faster than what otherwise would not be possible
  • Get relevant experiences and competencies of teams who also have worked in other environments.
  • “Outsource” parts of their portfolio to reduce the internal burden all the way from product management to delivery.
  • Safely maintain control over intellectual properties while adding skilled third-party resources on-demand.

Consulting as a Service

Consulting as a Service (CaaS) means hiring a consultant who delivers expertise and execution with technology and processes to solve your business challenges. Aigutech firmly believe the key to sustainable success is applying a holistic approach incorporating the elements of People, Process and Technology and systems. We are  specialized in Business Process and Technology Initiatives. Though most of the back-office research and analysis occurs at the consultants’ offices, consultants typically work at the site of the client for at least some of the time. The governing factor tends to be the amount of interaction required with other employees of the client.

 Most of our engagement begins with the client through our expert consultants who perform an inventory of existing engineering practices to help determine what type of outsourcing model, if any, the client may benefit from. Which eventually helps the management to take there decisions on how to proceed on the results of an independent pre-study. The conclusions typically recommend either to

  1. a) keep engineering in-house and, if additional resources temporarily are needed, to embed them in existing in-house teams
  2. b) how to complete outsourcing and potential off-shoring or to
  3. c) utilize the R&D capabilities of a suitable external party that able to add value.

The Advisory services study strives to identify possible partners. Whether Aigutech can be one of such partner, it depends on the mix of resources required and competency available with Aigutech.

Consulting as a Service integrates directly within your processes, patching up skillset gaps by offering a professional guiding hand in everything from data analytic solutions to recruiting in-house talent, depending on what you need.

CaaS is a customer-focused rather than product-oriented service. When you opt for Consulting as a Service, instead of just helping you complete a project, the consulting firm helps you gradually meet your milestones throughout your journey—no matter what stage of digital transformation you are in.

Our Concurrent Engineering Methodology-

Electronic Design Services

Aigutech is setting up a state of art manufacturing facility for the manufacture of critical power systems, Inverters for renewable sector and specialized power systems for various industries. The indigenously designed systems are time tested and perform high efficiency. The Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector ranks high among the various segments that have contributed to creating this bulwark. The ESDM industry in India has continued to chart its journey northwards. While the industry may not have achieved the exponential growth forecast by experts, its performance in the last few years can be termed an achievement in view of the overall slowdown of the Indian economy.

Electronic engineering and outsourcing for the design of electronic products is what Aigutech see as a big thrust and market , coupled with in house R&D, Electronic Design Services (EDS) is the winning choice for our customers for the development of embedded products and systems, we support our customers in the realization of their projects.

Our Engagement Starts with Idea to Specifications passing through pre-feasibility and limitations study arriving to design and final prototype ready for production all at one window hardware & Software both. We have skills in electronics, embedded software and mechatronics, we are able to handle the entire development of a product from design to production. We accompany our customers at every step of the project cycle