Aigutech technologies make businesses and systems more successful through continued effort to innovate. We blend data and technologies, with people and insight, to deliver powerful results. Our simple solutions for complex connections are focused in verticals like energy & power, manufacturing, logistics & distribution, healthcare, and embedded system where you push the limits and we measure it.


Asset Management System

With maintenance cost rising and software audits becoming more frequent, managing IT assets within an organization has become a high priority, Aigutech Developed Relion which is a connected frame work which Eliminate infrastructure debt by making you Know what you have, where it is, Optimize operational efficiencies by offering Auditing, monitoring, and change control, service response times, Improve migration planning by making you understand device and services dependencies.

AGT- IT asset lifecycle management (ITAM) gives your IT team access to your organization’s asset lifecycle data from the moment you request the asset through the time it expires or is decommissioned. ITAM makes your IT infrastructure transparent while offering insight into the following: systems and equipment, location of components, use and cost of assets, asset warranty and expiration, and how assets affect your organization’s services.

Energy Management System

Aigutech Energy Management Software (AEMS) Solution and Sensors Monitor, Reports and Forecast Energy Generation Consumption and Losses across the cycle and make the organization zero day compliance with ISO 50000 Audits. Aigutech Energy management systems (AEMS) is an  automation systems comprising software, sensors and data loggers & transmitters that collect and relay energy measurement data from the field to the server thus making it available to users, an exhaustive AI analytics present the interpreted data through graphics, online monitoring tools, and energy quality analyzers, thus enabling the management of energy resources

The platform supports and provides insight into the broad spectrum of energy and sustainability management including Photovoltaic, Microgrid, Smart Grid Energy Management, Energy Storage System, Micro-Grids, captive power generation units (HSD, Solar and Wind), boilers, HVAC systems, water, waste, telecom and carbon.

Substation Management System

Aigutech Substation Automation System (ASAS) is designed to facilitate real time trending data which in turn facilitates protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation control and monitoring solution.

Different IED and hardware is used in conjunction with Aigutech Software to perform the data collection, data concentrator, protocol level translation, data presentation and logic implementation, there by automating the event based actions like trip or reclose, raise alarm