With this new state of art manufacturing facility Aigutech will  significantly contribute to GHG emissions , it is estimated that 6 gm/kwh of CO2 is emitted by solar as against 1000 gm/kwh of coal, whereas 4gm/kwh by nuclear plants. But nuclear carries its own hazards.

A renewable energy source means energy that is sustainable – something that can’t run out, or is endless, like the sun. When you hear the term ‘alternative energy’ it’s usually referring to renewable energy sources too. It means sources of energy that are alternative to the most commonly used non-sustainable sources – like coal.

As carbon and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have increased dramatically in the past few decades, the threat of climate change has also grown. Solar energy is a renewable, carbon-free resource available in every geographic region of the world., with enormous potential to reduce our nation’s GHG emissions. Any market or policy proposal to address climate change should include significant development of solar and other clean energy technologies to power a clean, affordable economic future.

India is currently the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the US. Coal power plants, rice paddies, and cattle are major sources of steeply rising emissions levels, although per capita emissions continue to remain below the global average. India pledged to reduce the emission intensity of their economy by 33-35% compared to 2005 by the year 2030. In 2015, the country’s GHG emissions stood at 3,571 million tonnes of CO2.

Efficiency, array yield, Reference Yield, final yield, Performance ratio, Capacity Utilization factor, Inverter efficiency etc. are hot displayed in near real time with alarm appropriation.

AEMS translates the data and insight into action, and provides our esteemed clients the information needed to reduce cost and operational efficiency, and achieve sustainability in this highly competitive business environment. This solution is based on single entity and generates a singular database for facility tracking, accounting, resource consumption, cost and variables which contributes to a highly accurate accounting. The platform is based on 3 tier architecture and capitalizes next generation technology with scalability and security for large and medium enterprise. With enhance reporting capabilities, the users are empowered to gauge consumption and cost matrices at macro level and can drill down into individual incidences or machine with the help of map based algorithm.

    Our Planned Facility will manufacture state of art

    String Inverter-

    Aigutech will offer one of the broadest portfolios of string inverters in three phase and single phase starting from 1.25 KW to 250 Kw in 1500 volts Advanced three-level technology max. efficiency 99.02%, 9/12 MPPT design, Compatible with bifacial PV panel,  Anti-PID and PID recovery function , IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion grade, intelligent fan with IP68 protection,  Redundant power supply by AC and DC, Built-in AC / DC SPD protection. These products provide small to medium-sized PV installations with high performance, robust enclosures, ease of installation, and a quick return on investment.


    Central Inverter

    Aigutech Design philosophy will offer High-efficiency central inverters in rated capacity 250kW and 1MW for commercial grade applications.

    These Grid-tie central inverters offer a unique combination of ultra-high efficiencies, installer-friendly designs, long service life, and competitive initial acquisition costs; significantly increasing return on investment in solar-power installations. 3-level technology, max. efficiency up to 99%  Anti-PID function to ensure power generation  Intelligent fault recording function for fast analysis,  Intelligent online upgrade function for easy management, Adapt to environment of high temperature, salt, and extreme cold etc.,  IP65 protection, C5 anti-corrosion grade, Intelligent fan speed control and fault detection for system reliability, Outdoor Inverter & Transformer Turnkey Solution for 1500V System with 11 KV /33KV transformer in a single cassette can also be offered. Grid Interfacing transformer can be delivered as per customer requirement.


    Energy Storage

    As we know Solar enjoys the low GHG only 6 mg/kwh , hence for commercial and environmental reasons, PV systems stands next to nuclear .  Aigutech Storage systems for PV enable efficient storing of solar power produced. This enables inexpensive own consumption at any time of day or night and increases energy autonomy from the public grid.
    It not only Enhance self-consumption but also Provide backup for critical loads at the dark state of Time of Use

    Three Main Application Scenarios

    • Enhance self-consumption: the battery system stores excess power generated from the PV array to inject solar power to the grid and avoid restricting solar production. When solar production is weak, the battery will discharge to support load consumption.
    • Provide backup for critical loads: The battery stores solar power or takes energy from the grid for energy requirements during grid outage. Loads such as refrigerators, routers, lamps, computers and other critical appliances can be powered when the grid fails. The system can automatically switch to backup mode within 8 milliseconds.
    • Time of Use (ToU): By setting the charging and discharging time, the battery can be charged using electricity generated at offpeak rates and discharged to power loads during peak hours.

    The System comes in Standard container design, integrated fire fighting, lighting, heat dissipation, etc.

    Protection rating of IP54, suitable for extreme outdoor environment, 1500V converter system, front-end maintenance, easy installation and operation, Multi -unit parallel connection technology, convenient expansion, On/off grid switching function,  Low voltage ride- through capacity, reactive power compensation ,Meeting the smart grid design specification and allowing power grid dispatching