The Telecom Networks Constitutes Different Components which retains Users Information, There are various Functions Which are Performed By Various Components within Teleco Environment, Like IN, Billing, CRM , SMSC , MMSC, SDP CRBT and Varous Other, Each of The Components have there specific Interfacing API (Application Programming Interface) at its most basic level, allows your product or service to talk to other products or services.
Connecting any of the Developers or our Internal System with External World Requires and API, Hence for the Security and Confidentiality purpose APIS should Be better managed, API management is the process of publishing, promoting and overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure, scalable environment.

API Gateway

AGT Single API Gateway Provides an Interface to the external world To Consume the resources in an Efficient, Controlled and Secured way. It Enhances The Overall Efficiency of The System by Opening only one Interface to connect to all, at the publisher/ developer end the effort is to connect for once.

Operators Also achieve greater efficiency in CSR desk by elaborating and expanding the CSR Interface through Single API Gw so hat the information from Billing, IN , CRM and other Specific Nodes are available with the landing of the call, The efficient Cache Management can Significantly Reduce the quarry load on the Core Systems.

AGT Single API Gateway quickly integrates, accelerates, governs, and secures Web API and SOA-based systems. Policies can also be Implied to incoming messages by running message filters on requests. Our Single API Gateway supports a wide range of protocols and Formats JSON, XML, https , SOAP, REST, HTTP, JMS, TIBCO, FTP, SMTP, POP etc.


  • Secured access ---- The authorization, authentication, access approval, and dynamically Verified and authenticated.

  • Security ---- Login credentials provides a tightly coupled security hard to breach.

  • Format Conversion ---- The Syntax and the array are changed in XML and Vice Versa for Unified Communication.

  • Routing and Orchestration ---- Routing, mashups, caching.

  • Billing ---- Prepaid and Postpaid management and bucket charging third Party Changing Request also incorporated.

  • Monitoring security, traffic, developers, applications, platform health, back ends, revenue.

  • Reporting ---- Detailed reporting capabilities.