Utility billing is a very complex process and classically it is used for electricity billing, water billing, gas billing, sewerage billing, heating billing and municipal services billing. The software can be deployed on cloud or on premises with an automated data captured and invoicing facilities.In any direct customer relationship, where the volume of customers to be served is large, “empowering customers” is the things which every company looks for reducing their revenue collection and business operation expenses. The system has a self service portal for real time account management for the customers and to pay their invoicing from the portal itself. We can offer the solution as SAAS in cloud which directly means no infrastructure and software CAPEX.

Utility Billing

The important features are configurable:-

  1. a. Tariffs
  2. b. Bill calculation
  3. c. AMR fetching
  4. d. Direct debit
  5. e. Electronic bill generation

Apart from this, the system supports multi currency, multi cost loading and defining new cost element dynamically into the system without pulling the system down or writing a code.

The Important features of AGT utility billing solution are:-

  1. a. Automated meter reading
  2. b. Billing and payment management
  3. c. Customer account management
  4. d. Deposit management
  5. e. Meter inventory management
  6. f. IVR tariff management/li>
  7. g. Security and audit trails
  8. h. Service order management
  9. i. Tax management
  10. j. Usages data analytics
  11. k. Utility service management
  12. l. Asset management