With the emergence of high Speed Data Capabilities in The Mobile Network , there is a new digital Economy which is Opening Up, Mobile networks in developed markets have reached saturation in terms of subscriber numbers and it is generally felt that voice calls alone will not provide the desired revenue and profit growth in the mobile operators’ business. In parallel, massive technical improvements in terminal capabilities and in network features and intelligence have created a new wireless network environment capable of providing a much more advanced set of Value Added Services (VAS). The mobile network operator (MNO) can now combine multiple network bearers and services to provide more coherent, higher value end services, which could be highly customized, almost to the unique requirements of each individual subscriber. AGT SDP Solution Is state of art Solution which is Future Proof and Truly Support The Triple Play Environment

Service Delivery Platform


  • • Multi-channel delivery
    • • Support consistent user experience across all channels

  • • Personalization
    • • Customized look and feel based on personal preference

  • • Device rendering
    • • Support seamless device adaptation based on a single source

  • • Segmentation support
    • • Support customers campaign and classification based on user profiles

  • • Subscription management (Add, Query, Modify, Delete)
    • • Support user interface for subscription management

  • • User session management
    • • Support in-memory fast access session information and fail over

  • • Data Synchronization
    • • Support different types of synchronization through file and/or xml