AGT SCADA system is a software based control and supervision management system for all activities in an electrical transmission network. AGT SCADA system collects and analyses the data and generate reports for supervision. Going a step further, we have incubated intelligence to the SCADA system which provides an exceptional and strong controlling functionality. This system’s software completely eliminates the human intervention for the subjective operation and control of any electrical grid, substation or premises.

The important components of AGT SCADA system are:-
Human Machine Interface (HMI):-


A software based presentation layer to present process data on a graphical screen to a human supervisor. With this view, the supervisor operates and monitors the control processes either through a key board or through touch screen interactivity.

Processing Engine (PE):-

Scada Processing Engine

It is software which has configurable logics through GUI which gathers data of the grid and sends commands to the RTUs for implementation. It operates on a standard compute (server) elements.

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU):-

Scada RTU

In AGT SCADA system, we have used data loggers at places as RTUs. We have intelligent RTUs also which has the compute inbuilt to create a redundant analogy for the implementation of security procedure and command. For example, Overload. If the central system does not send the command for the action, the RTU initiates the command locally. RTUs essentially connect to the field sensors called IEDs and send the digital data to the SCADA.

Communication Infrastructure (CI) :-

Scada CI Communication Infrastructure

AGT’s SCADA system has a very robust communication infrastructure inbuilt. It has multiprotocol serial interface, optical port interface, 800 MHZ GPRS connectivity, ZigBee interface, power line communication, 2.5 GHZ WiFi and RS485 compatibility for serial communication. The system supports all these communication interfaces and can be configured as redundant. If one interface is not available, it will transmit the data through other interface.