Economic growth relies on energy. As large parts of the developing world embark on industrial growth and participation in global trade, rising energy costs and the foreseen sizeable increase in demand make energy efficiency an important priority. Firstly, energy efficiency makes good business sense since it entails cost savings and improvements through optimized use of resources and reduced waste. It leads to improved energy performance; it increases the reliability of operations and processes; it strengthens security of supply and reduces exposure to energy price rises and fluctuations.

Energy efficiency ultimately leads enterprises to higher profits and additional benefits such as credibility, prestige and customer trust that also have an important market value. Secondly, energy efficiency contributes to mitigating the negative impact of energy use and consumption on the environment, both at local and global level. The endowment and renewal rate of natural resources, including energy, cannot keep up with the current patterns of economic growth; a more resource-conscious approach is needed to do more with less, encouraging greater use of sustainable energy solutions and striking the right balance between growth and resource utilization.

AGT Consultancy and Implementation Services and the International Standard ISO 50001* — Energy management systems enables organizations to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption and get Themselves Certified for ISO 50001.


We Design a framework of requirements for organizations to:

ISO 50001 is based on the management system model of continual improvement