AGT’s substation management system software enables the operator for monitoring, controlling, protecting and securing primary substation equipment with the use of computing and communication technologies. A substation elementary system enables the remote control and monitoring of our sub stations. AGT substation management system is a substation automation system (SAS) based on IEC 61850. The software resides at the central location and communicates with the RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) for data gathering weather analog or digital. The RTUs also provides the pathways at the substation for the command from the central server which has to be directed to substation equipment such as opening and closing of circuit breakers in OL and SC conditions

Sub Station System

The important systems as elements in a substation control system are IED, Bay controller, HMI, Communication bus and Communication link to SCADA system. With this, the following are achieved protection, control, metering & operation, monitoring, analysis and diagnostic, intelligence for operation and restoration, finally into a safe and secure operation.